How to increase the spending/purchase limit of the Coinbase Card?

Coinbase debit card which is also known as the Coinbase Card comes with a wide range of services that would help you make your trading journey easier. With a variety of rewards and convenience, this card is specifically available for all those users who are interested to use it and already have a Coinbase account. Once you apply for this card and this card gets delivered to you, we can simply summarize it by saying that a lot of conveniences have been delivered to you. However, this card comes with some limits for the users. Well, one can only use this card for making purchases and withdrawals up to a certain limit. These limits are defined by the level of verification that you have undergone. And this simply means that there is only one possible way through which you can increase your account limits i.e. by completing the verification process. But, at the same time, you need to take additional steps in order to get your Coinbase Debit Card limit increased. Increasing limits throug